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The Paradox of Free Will

Free will is an illusion. We are ignorant of what goes on when our minds make a choice/decision and from this ignorance we get the feeling like we freely made whatever choice we made..

Here is the paradox of free will: often individuals report a clear feeling of freely choosing what they choose, and yet they are hard pressed to state that they could have/would have chosen differently at that time and place… they might go as far as to acknowledge that if the clock be rewound they would make the same choice again for all the reasons they made that choice the first time through. When we think about what we have done in the past, we can’t really identify a single decision that could have gone differently… but (and here is the paradox) when we think about the actions of others we imagine differently… that guy didn’t have to rob the bank, my child didn’t have to neglect his homework, my spouse could have called me to let me know they were running late. Funny how we are certain that other’s could have used freedom that we know for ourselves doesn’t ever really exist.


Non Free Willism – Why this blog.

Having become convinced that free will is only an illusion/myth… I am moved to create a blog concerning this counter-intuitive¬†fact of life.